Jujubee S.A. - Games Developer and Publisher. iOS | Android | WP | PC | Mac | Linux | PS4 | Xbox One - Jujubee announces the launch date for "Take Off - The Flight Simulator". The game will arrive at App Store and Google Play on June 9, 2016!


Jujubee announces the launch date for "Take Off - The Flight Simulator". The game will arrive at App Store and Google Play on June 9, 2016!

(Katowice, Poland | April 26, 2016) Get ready to sit in a cockpit of a virtual airplane and start off your pilot career soon! The takeoff flaps are extended, the fuel tanks are full, the planes are set on the airstrip and they only wait for the final approval of the control tower! An ultimate mobile flight simulator: “Take Off - The Flight Simulator”, will arrive at Google Play and App Store on June 9, 2016! 

In “Take Off - The Flight Simulator” each player gets the opportunity to fly 14 realistically recreated airplanes that can take course to 21 worldwide destinations such as Paris, New York, Hong Kong or Frankfurt.  

Apart from the “free flight mode” over the beautiful Hawaii islands, the game provides a big focus on an engaging gameplay thanks to exciting missions and challenges such as rescue operations, emergency landings, tourist services, cargo flights or testing new machines. Additionally, the game features dynamic weather conditions that have a big influence on the flight experience and on the difficulty of the missions.

“Take Off - The Flight Simulator” offers a quality of a gameplay similar to simulators on PC. “The graphics, physics, and accurate controls provide a lot of realism. Even though the game is designed for mobile devices, it offers the player the experience of being in a real cockpit of an aircraft,” - said Michał Stępień, CEO of Jujubee Games.

“Take Off - The Flight Simulator” includes all the biggest airports in the world. The player can buy new planes and fuel to fly to all important worldwide destinations and earn more funds to expand his airlines. The fleet of aircraft can be upgraded for more power and better handling to fly even further.

YouTube game trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjnI6HmS8pg
Vimeo game trailer: https://vimeo.com/145341658


Take Off – The Flight Simulator is coming June 9, 2016 to App Store and Google Play.


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Jujubee is the game development studio behind such titles as FLASHOUT 3D, Suspect in Sight and the upcoming documentary game “KURSK”. It was founded by former members of CD Projekt RED, Traveller’s Tales and Infinite Dreams and its goal is to create great looking and addictively fun games for various platforms – especially iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. The company is publicly listed on New Connect (market organised and operated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange).

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