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KURSK with an updated release date, synchronized with the foreign premiere of the movie with the same title. KURSK OST at EPIC GAME MUSIC.

Realpolitiks for Nintendo Switch is now available on Nintendo eShop!

Jujubee publishes a gameplay trailer for the upcoming flagship documentary-adventure game "KURSK".

Realpolitiks New Power DLC is out now for Mobile Devices!

Astragon Entertainment publishes the trailer for "Truck Simulator America" - Jujubee S.A. as the developer.

Jujubee has announced the release date for KURSK and is accepting preorders via its official store.

Jujubee publishes a trailer created using the engine for the documentary-adventure game "KURSK" and reveals when the release date will be announced!

Jujubee announces the upcoming release of Realpolitiks on Nintendo Switch!