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Realpolitiks for Nintendo Switch is now available on Nintendo eShop!

(KATOWICE, Poland | August 30, 2018) Press release: Jujubee is proud to announce that Realpolitiks for Nintendo Switch has been released today and it is accessible directly through the Nintendo eShop!

The console version of Realpolitiks is the full fledged real-time grand strategy for mobile devices and it retained all gameplay elements of the recently released PC version. Realpolitiks is a game developed by Jujubee. The Switch version is published by Forever Entertainment. It is worth adding that the console conversion supports not only the touchscreen, but also allows to control the game via the Joycon controller.

Store page link:


Game information:

Platform:    Nintendo Switch
Publisher:    Forever Entertainment
Developer:    Jujubee S.A.
Release date: August 30, 2018
Price:  $24.99  / 100 PLN

Mobile version trailer:



Game description:

Realpolitiks is a streamlined real-time grand strategy game that allows you to become the ruler of any contemporary country. Dive deep into the issues of the modern world with its current territorial distribution, gaps in power and economic strength, military conflicts and international affairs. Choose your own way of coping with other nations' interests, unexpected events, global threats and crises. Deal with the disintegration of the European Union, the expanding Islamic State, events following World War III and other actual or fictional scenarios.
Based on three main political systems (democracy, authoritarianism, totalitarianism), Realpolitiks allows you to extend the influence of your country through various tactics in order to win the geopolitical race for global domination. Use your diplomatic skills, economic advantage, military power and full freedom of moral and ethical decision-making to become a world superpower and to ensure the well-being of your citizens.
Grow and develop your country to reach the highest possible states of economic power, technological competitiveness and military supremacy on global charts. Then the choice is yours to become a valued member of the United Nations or manufacture a nuclear weapon and vaporize your opponents. Expand your territory any way you like, as the sandbox gameplay of Realpolitiks covers the whole world, even allowing you to create colonies out on the sea. And if that's not enough, try spreading the seed of our civilization to extraterrestrial bodies.
·         Lead any country in the world to global domination in various game scenarios.
·         Shape your country's political system and course of relations with other nations.
·         Deal with internal and external affairs or face threats such as natural disasters, terrorism, financial crises and more.
·         Use all the general instruments common in international relations and even directly interfere with other nations' internal affairs.
·         Make decisions based on morals and ethics. Or disregard them completely.
·         Enjoy the high replay value ensured by a broad tree of choices in all aspects, diverse mini-scenarios and random events.
About Jujubee:

Jujubee is the game development studio behind such titles as FLASHOUT 3D, Suspect in Sight and the upcoming documentary game “KURSK” and the grand strategy game “Realpolitiks”. It was founded by former members of CD Projekt RED, Traveller’s Tales and Infinite Dreams and its goal is to create great looking and addictively fun games for various platforms – especially iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. The company is publicly listed on New Connect (market organised and operated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange).
For more information on Jujubee and its products please visit the studio’s official website: jujubee.pl. Also make sure to follow the company’s page on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.