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Take Off - The Flight Simulator - coming to iOS and Android in April 2016

Fasten your seatbelt, extend the takeoff flaps and push the thrust lever to full throttle! Virtual pilots will get the chance to reach unprecedented heights with astragon Entertainment’s Take Off –The Flight Simulator for iOS® and Android™ devices in April 2016!


Get ready for takeoff: More than a dozen realistically recreated airplanes from small aircrafts to giant passenger planes will take you to numerous international airports in metropolises such as New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris and Sidney as well as Frankfurt, Tokyo, Dubai, Johannesburg and Seoul.


Additionally to the free flight mode, many varied missions such as rescue operations or emergency landings will test your skills in Take Off –The Flight Simulator.


The virtual pilot’s career starts on the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, which can be freely explored in an open-world-scenario. After the first flying hours have been completed and the necessary qualifications have been gained, more and more aircrafts, missions and flight destinations will keep the player airborne. Exceptionally talented pilots can even start their own airline during the course of the game. Additional planes can be bought and upgraded for more speed or less fuel consumption.


A comprehensive tutorial, which explains all gameplay functions and game controls, allows beginners and seasoned aviators alike a successful start into their piloting career. Players can control the aircrafts easily and intuitively by either using the virtual joystick or their device’s motion controls. The breathtaking views during their flights can be enjoyed not only out of their 3D cockpit but also from numerous other camera angles.


Take Off –The Flight Simulator is currently being developed by the Polish studio Jujubee®, best known for their futuristic racing games series FLASHOUT and their upcoming adventure/survival cross-platform game KURSK.


More details regarding Take Off –The Flight Simulator will follow at the beginning of 2016. Continuous updates and news can already be found on:


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